• We provide a from product design to analysis,prototyping,testing and validation services to our customer and ensure a cutting edge technology and know-how in our manufacturing facilities. We endeavor to achieve perfection in everything we do - be it designing and developing a concept or mass production.
  • UCAL has 13 facilities across two continents – 11 across India, and 2 in Illinois, USA. The facilities are equipped with automated die casting machines, vacuum die casting, sophisticated CNC machining centers, CNC lathe, in-house built special purpose machines.
  • Adhering to strict disciplines of quality and precision our manufacturing process ranges as follows:
    • Die and Tool Manufacturing
    • High Pressure Die Casting
    • Vacuum Die Casting
    • Precision Machining
    • Ferrous
    • Non ferrous
    • Surface Treatments
    • Electroless Nickel Plating
    • Chromate Conversion Coating
    • PTFE Coating
    • Anodizing
    • Composite Parts manufacturing
    • Sheet metal rolling & Forming
    • Aerospace Grade welding facility
    • Machining,Assembly,and End of Line Testing
  • These processes are supported by our mrdern,well-equipped tool room,standard room ,design,& process facilities.Our process design ranges from layout design,tool engineering,designing&building special purpose machines. Furthermore our rigorous inspection and testing facilities allows for our manufacturing standards to rise to high levels of excellence.
  • Die design and Development division was started in the year 1994 by UMT, one of the wholly owned subsidiaries of UCAL with the unit located in Maraimalai Nagar, 45 km from Chennai. It came up on a total land area of 11,250 Sq.ft and built-in area of 6,930 Sq. Ft. This unit has a dedicated and well equipped “Tool Room “. Forty Nine people are working in the facility. Currently this unit manufactures 60 Dies annually. This unit is certified to ISO 9001:2008 standards.
  • The Pressure Die Casting Dies are made of imported hot Die Steel and are heat treated through advanced vacuum heat treatment process to minimize any distortion during heat treatment.
  • Facilities in Tool Room

    • CNC Ferrari - Vertical Milling Machine.
    • CNC Deckel Maho - Universal Milling Machine.
    • CNC Makino - Vertical Milling Machine.
    • CNC Dhali – Vertical Milling Machine.
    • Beadley & Turton - 100 Ton Die Spotting Press.
    • Moore Jig Grinding Machine.
    • Deckel Jig Boring Machine.
    • Electronica Spark Erosion Machines.
    • Horizontal Boring Machine.
    • 3D Deckel Copy Milling Machine.
    • Other Conventional Tool Room Machines.
    • Inspection Lab Equipped With Mitutoyo CMM & CNC CMM, Trimos Linear Height
    • Gauge, Deltronic Profile Projector, Mitutoyo Linear Height Gauge and
  • For that edge in designing, our company applies leading engineering in all die designing activities which include
    • Auto Cad
    • Pro-E
    • Unigraphics
    • Cimatron
    • Diedifice
  • UCAL has over 30 years of experience in high pressure and vacuum die casting for both aluminum and zinc materials. Our state of art facilities at Maraimalai Nagar, Pondicherry & Bawal have developed in house capabilities that allow for the handling of multiple alloys. With an in depth understanding of our customers needs, we provide the best solutions in terms of processes and technologies.
  • We have both hot and cold chamber die casting machines which range in force capacity from 185 tonnes to 900 tonnes.
  • All of our plants have been certified with ISO/TS16949 to ensure the highest quality to all of our customers. We cater to the top OEMs for both two and four wheeler automotive products in both of the national and international markets.
  • UCAL’s precision manufacturing includes a wide range of capabilities from CNC operations to special operations based on our customer’s requirements for micron and sub-micron accuracies. Because of our dedication to precision and accuracy, we have the in-house capability to complete end-to-end process planning (including tool & die)
  • We cater to many global OEMs in the automotive industry and have recently started focusing on non-automotive ventures into the aerospace, defense, and industrial sectors. UCAL provides parts to a wide range of applications from power-train, transmissions, emission controls, steering system components, and hydraulic industrial applications as per customer specification.
  • Our scope of materials include various grades of ferrous alloys and non-ferrous metals like aluminum and zinc. We are able to handle parts weighing from 100 gms to 1.8 Kgs. UCAL’s quality philosophy includes PFMEA and statistical quality control approaches
  • Manufactured products at UCAL are produced by precise and controlled processes to ensure maximum durability and a superior finish. All our manufacturing facilities are equipped with most advanced machinery. We produce only the best as required by our customers.
  • Our company has over 1000 machines within our facilities, across divisions, manufacturing areas, utility rooms and R&D machines. Some of these are considered critical machines like Boring machines, Gang drilling Machines, SPM machines, ultrasonic machines, Rotary transfer machines, and hundreds of CNC machines among others. The current facilities include Quality Standards Room and Calibration facilities. (A full up to date list is available upon request.)
  • UCAL has a set up a full-fledged testing and inspection facility, one of the largest of its kind in the industry. Our facilities ensure that the products and services exceed customer’s expectation, every time they are delivered.
  • At UCAL Electronics we provide end to end solutions to our customers from design, Proto building, testing, validation & manufacturing, we also have a state-of-the-art 10k Class PCBA facility & 100K class manufacturing setup.
  • The 3D- SPI and 3D-AOI in the PCBA facility help us staying competent in both cost and quality. The facility is also equipped with 3D- printers and in-house testing facilities to facilitate quick turnaround time in preparing proto samples to the customers, catering especially to the fast moving development cycles of the automotive and white goods electronics industries. UCALs advanced expertise and integration mean turn around time of building moving from concept to engineering to proto is less than 3 days.
    • V grooving machine with pin setting
    • Circular saw cutting machine with registration
    • Screen exposure
    • Hot Roll dry film laminator with static eliminator
    • Conveyorised double side scrubbing / deburring machine with oscillation
    • Double side exposure machine 5 & 8 kW
    • Conveyorised double side developing machine with oscillation
    • Auto screen printing machine 2 Nos
    • Conveyorised double side PISM developing machine with oscillation
    • Conveyorised double side Etching machine with oscillation
    • Screen washing booth with mid pressure rinse
    • Screen drier with two compartment
    • Electro less plating line
    • Electrolytic Plating Line
    • Conveyorised dry film stripping without oscillation
    • Conveyorised double sided tin stripping machine with oscillation
    • Conveyorised double sided PRE HAL
    • HAL Machine (GYREX)
    • HAL Machine (EPS)
    • Conveyorised double sided Post HAL
    • Final cleaning machine
    • WABASH Multilayer press
    • Universal bare board tester (BBT)
    • Flying probe tester (MANIA)
    • MANIA TOWER BBT Machine
    • Power Shearing Machine
    • Mechanical Shearing Machine 4 Nos
    • UV Curing Machine (HANSA)
    • Ovens (Digital Temperature Control) 2 Nos
    • Magnifying Lens 200X 2 Nos
    • Magnifying Lens 20X 10 Nos
    • Digital Copper Thickness Tester
  • Lean Manufacturing

  • Adhering to the tenets of Lean Manufacturing we have been able to generate excellent results that translate into bottom-line profits. We have developed a lean way of thinking by implementing various lean tools like: TPM, SMED, Value Stream Mapping, Line balancing, FMEA and 5S.
  • The goal of Lean Manufacturing at UCAL is to essentially connect the entire value stream and eliminate all forms of waste.
  • Producing defect free products from defect free equipments making the manufacturing system highly reliable and flexible.
  • This strengthens and enhances plant’s ability to produce to the customers’ needs, consistently.Total Employee Involvement results in cost reduction in overall manufacturing which would in turn satisfy the customers’ requirements.
  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

    • Producing defect free products from defect free equipments making the manufacturing system highly reliable and flexible
    • This would strengthens and enhances plant’s ability to produce to the customers needs
    • Total Employee Involvement results in cost reduction in overall manufacturing which would in turn satisfy the customers requirements
  • S.No Parameters Targets
    • Output per hour per man
    • Downtime
    • > 30%
    • Zero
    • In-house Rejection
    • Customer Complaints
    • 80% Down
    • Zero
    • Manufacturing cost
    • Inventory
    • 30% Down
    • 30% Down
    • Delivery Adherence
    • 100%
    • Accidents
    • Zero
    • Kaizen / Employee
    • Total Employee Involvement
    • 2/Month
    • 100%
  • Value Stream Mapping (VSM)

  • Value-stream maps are the prototypes for lean transformations. At UCAL , we use VSM technique to identify and eliminate waste thereby streamlining work processes. The steps that we follow in implementing the VSM are:
    • Identify the products to map
    • Draw the “current state” map
    • Access and analyze the current state
    • Draw the “future state” map with all the improvements
    • Create a plan to implement the desired state
    • Implement and review the plan
  • Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED)

  • In this intensely competitive market, there is always a need to provide customers with diversified products of very high Quality while reducing the manufacturing cost at the same time. At Ucal, SMED has been consistently proven to be the key to meet this extremely challenging demand as it reduces waste, time spent between each production runs as well as the size of production lots and inventory.
  • Other best practices followed at UCAL

    • Kaizens
    • Poka Yoke
    • 5S
    • TQM
  • Quality Policy

  • “UCAL Fuel Systems Limited is committed to maximizing customer delight by delivering quality that meet the customer requirements. Total employee involvement and training ensure quality at every stage. Knowledge, innovation and continual improvement in every activity are the foundation that supports our quality movement.”
  • With our well defined quality policy, we at UCAL do solemnly resolve to strive to meet the requirements and exceed the expectations of all our customers by providing quality products and services. This level of quality is achieved through stringent quality controls, quality assurance procedures and total employee involvement at each stage. It has in turn engendered a work culture where every one of us believes in out side the box thinking, total dedication and a no-compromise attitude towards quality. This is just not a one-off effort but a continuum that begins right from the top and permeates through each level of our organization.
  • Safety, Health & Environmental Policy

  • UFSL is in the business of providing holistic solution in fuel management system and every member is committed to produce quality products by employing environment friendly and safe work practices for the well-being of all persons working under the control of UCAL as also the society. To continually improve and maintain the environmental and oh&s management & environmental & oh&s performance:
  • UCAL Committed

    • To achieving customer delight by understanding their needs and value creations through operational excellence.
    • To continuous improvement in quality in all areas of business through progressive adoption of Latest Technology for Quality Management Systems and service.
    • To strive for continuous improvement of processes, by personnel development and by empowering employees.
    • To highest ethical work practice in the areas of environment, safety, and well being of our stake holders
  • Certifications

  • It is the right synergy that we are able to create by our incisive knowledge of the industry; the key processes and our worldwide resources that enabled us to get the right Human resources and the advanced technologies helped us to achieve exceptional results for our customers. We have been able to build differentiated leadership and cutting edge operations through integration of knowledge and expertise shared from across our entire worldwide network. All our units are certified to pertinent ISO standards which validate the existence and working of effective system. The processes are monitored and controlled through stringent Internal and External Audits for their effective functioning.
  • The various certifications obtained by the company are

  • image
    BS OHSAS 18001:2007
  • Measurements & Standards Testing Equipments

  • Machine Model Make Year Range
    Profile Projector Nikon 2002 X AXIS-200 mm
    Y-AXIS-100 mm
    Micro vickers Hardness Tester Shimadzu 1990 100X,400X Magnificationn
    Coating Thickness Gauge Fisher 1993 Ferrous & Non-Ferrous
    Coating Thickness Gauge Fisher 2005 X-RAY Fluorescence
    Surface Roughness Tester Zeiss 2003 0-800 mm
    Spring Tester (torque) Sushma 1994 200 GmCm,5000Gm cm
    Jet needle Measuring m/c Mikuni 2003 0.04 - 6.0 mm
    Vision unit Mitutoya 2001 21X, 63X, 210X Magnification
    Surface Roughness & Contour measuring m/c Kosaka 2001 Vertical:50 mm Horizontal:100 mm
    Roundness/cylindricity measurement system Mitutoyo 2002 MAX. Measuring DIA:300mm MAX. Measuring Height :280mm
    Torque Driver Tester Tohinichi 2003 0-60 kgf-cm
    Floating Carriage Diameter Measuring Equipment Aditya 1995 0 - 100mm
    Dial Calibration Tester Sylvac 1999 0.01-0.0001 mm
    CMM Mitutoya 2005 X-700,Y-1000,Z-600
    Metallurgical Microscope Kyowa 2004
    Torque analyser Schatz 2005 0~200 kgf cm
    Spring Tester Tira 2005 0~20 KG
    Linear Height Mitutoya 2000 600 MM
  • Customer Services

    2017 - Suzuki Performance Award(VA - VE)

    2016 -Suzuki for overall cost reduction.

    2014 -Honda Seil for best delivery.

    2012 - Suzuki best cost competitive supplier.

    2009 - Bosch supplier award for maximizing value to customer.

    2008 - Best Vendor award from Sona Koyo Steering Systems

    2005 - Award from MUL for overall excellence

    2005 - Award from MUL for superior performance in Quality


    2009 - National energy conservation award.

    2004, 2007 - Frost & Sullivan Golden Certificate of Merit for Manufacturing Excellence

    2006 - ACMA Bronze to Gurgaon Plant for manufacturing excellence

    2006 - Silver Award to Gurgaon Plant in the Automotive Ancillary by F & S

    2004 - Frost & Sullivan Special Award for India Manufacturing Excellence

  • Quality & Productivity

    2009 - National Energy Conservation Award by The Bureau of Energy efficiency, New Delhi.

    2008 - IMTMA Productivity Championship Award

    2007 - ACMA, Gold, Silver & Bronze Trophy for all plants for Manufacturing Excellence

    2006 - Frost & Sullivan Gold award for India Manufacturing Excellence

    2006 - ACMA, Gold, Silver & Bronze Trophy for all plants for Manufacturing Excellence

    2004 - Golden Peacock National Quality Award

    Favourable Industrial Relations

    2001 - 2003 - Good Industrial Relations award for UFSL - Pondicherry Plant