About Us

Since our inception in 1985, UCAL has been able to engineer and produce a variety of products for the auto, aerospace, spacecraft, defense & industrial sectors. We have achieved several milestones in manufacturing and technology that we are proud to stand behind.

With our footprint in so many industries, UCAL has been able to provide customers with end to end solutions from product design, analysis, prototyping, and testing & validation services. Our state of the art R&D facilities in Chennai & Pune have earned us recognition by the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research, Government of India.

UCAL’s manufacturing capabilities include high pressure die casting, precision machining, injection molding, electronics, and engineering services. We pride ourselves on using the latest technology; fully aware of the challenges of ever changing industrial needs. Advanced technology is at the forefront of UCAL’s success.

Some of the industry’s biggest players turn to UCAL including, but not limited to, MSIL, Fiat India, Fiat Poland, Bajaj, Hero, Royal Enfield, TVS, Mahindra, & Cummins (Click for further customers)

UCAL’s company philosophy revolves around the concept of system thinking; an approach focused on integrating information from different sources to ensure the highest quality and precision in every product and service offered by UCAL.

Making a positive impact on our society should be the ultimate goal of any company. Here at UCAL, we believe that by taking an integral role in the wellbeing of our customers and employees, our stakeholders will reap the benefits in the long run. Not only are we focused on people, but we have become increasing more aware of our environment and strive to take a more active role in becoming ecofriendly. We regularly take on outreach initiatives in support of those with physical and mental disabilities, the advancement of children through education, and others.